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Keith Higginson Independant Financial Advisers

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Keith Higginson Independant Financial Advisers

What we offer

Retirement planning
With the advent of the "Open Market Option" we are finding more clients who are coming to us to research and source the best annuity for them. The difference between purchasing an annuity from another company, as opposed to the host provider can be staggering and higher returns can often be achieved. Also we may be able to source a higher return if you have any history of poor health.

We are also able to source the most competitive personal pensions including Stakeholder, together with SIPP's (self invested personal pensions) and Executive Personal Pensions.

Savings and Investments
Including individual savings accounts (ISA), unit and investment trusts, OEIC's, deposit accounts, onshore and offshore investment bonds, long term health care.

Another useful facility we now have on offer is the "consolidation service" as part of our link with Fidelity. As you will appreciate, it would be far easier to have all of your investment funds under one roof and this is where the re registration system has major advantages.

This service allows your ISA, Unit Trust and OEIC holdings to be re-registered with the benefit of easier administration, improved fund analysis together with consolidated valuations of all of your holdings.

Inheritance Tax Planning
With more and more people being caught in this trap as a result of increasing house prices, it is important that some consideration be given to reducing the amount of Inheritance Tax payable on your death. At present, (with some exceptions), estates over the current threshold will be liable to tax at 40%.

At Keith Higginson Financial services we have an in depth knowledge of the working of the inheritance tax system and can advise you as to the best way forward. One particular specialism of ours is the use of the Solidus Trust scheme that could provide savings of over 100,000.

If you would like to contact us by email please complete our Enquiry Form. You can of course also contact us by phone or fax using the numbers shown.


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